Testimonials and reviews of Sacred Mystery Tours’ Ancient Mystery Quest — sacred and historical tours in France with historian Henry Lincoln and cultural expert Allysha Lavino.  Travel the secret South of France, exploring culture, history, food, wine, the mysteries of the Knights Templar, Mary Magdalene, the real Da Vinci code, Rennes-le-Château, Cathars and the Crusades, sacred geometry, secret codes and more... 



2015 Ancient Mystery Quest Adventurers - Au Coeur de Rennes Garden.jpg

“We had an awesome time! 

Anyone who is considering this Adventure should just do it! We met some lovely guides, people who were happy to help and answer all our questions.  At the end of our 10 day trip we both felt we had made some real friends.”

~ Eddie & Sandie, UK


“The Sacred Mystery Tour was THE most fascinating, most mind challenging and most varied of any holiday I have ever done.

Seeing the actual places associated with the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery made it real and palpable. Allysha and Henry were the perfect guides and it all went without a hitch. Couldn't recommend it enough.”

~ Anthea, Australia

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Fontèstorbes, France - Henry Lincoln & Allysha Lavino - Photo by Allysha Lavino.jpeg

“Henry Lincoln made a deep and positive impression on me. Allysha is a courageous and multi-talented woman providing marvelous and soul-nurturing adventures for those ready to journey into the mystery.

Brava! Kudos!”

~ Carolyn, USA


I waited for 30 years for this tour, and I was not disappointed.

Our very knowledgeable guides, Allysha and Mark, often accompanied by Henry Lincoln, took our small group (no more than 6)  to remote places of which tourists are unaware (and which our guides make sure will not become widely known).  In between, we stayed in tiny Rennes-les-Bains in a pension which featured a garden on a river and nightly French dinners, accompanied by information about French culture as well as orientations for the next day’s outing.  During the day, we had superb picnic lunches while we gazed at mysterious ruins and heard in-depth history of the places we were seeing and the mysteries surrounding them. Then we explored and experienced the mysteries in person.

We traveled in a luxurious van, saw breathtaking scenery, immersed ourselves in over a thousand years of history, and were taken care of in every possible way.  Whether one had eating challenges or mobility problems, there was always help and a solution from our guides.

There are more and deepening mysteries to be explored in and near Rennes-le-Chateau.  I will surely go again.  An A+ for this tour.

~ Lynette, USA


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