Fiction Favourites on the Languedoc of France - Mary Magdalene, Cathars, and More

Fun fictions in sacred France.  Recommended historical fictions about the Cathars and the Albigensian Crusade, the mystery of Mary Magdalene, and the history of the South of France.  


These fun fictions share settings and histories with our upcoming Adventures.  

Beware! These are not to be taken as histories in themselves, or befuddled with what is real and can be seen.  Yet the romantic and unpredictable Languedoc, the Southwest of France, is a land of myth and magic …  It deserves a story for the scene!

By Kate Mosse



Kate Mosse: Labyrinth and Sepulchre

Both are set in the wondrous and terrifying landscape of the old Pays d’Oc, the Languedoc, now known as Southern France.  Labyrinth explores the tragic and romantic story of the courageous Cathars and their epic end.  Sepulchre is a fun time-travel mystery set in the tiny town of Rennes-les-Bains where we will stay on our upcoming Adventures.






Sophy Burnham:  The Treasure of Montségur  

The spellbinding tale of a young girl raised in Cathar country.  A tone of faith and mystery in this enchanted land of treasure and trial by fire. 














Kathleen McGowan: The Expected One and The Book of Love

These enchanting tales follow a woman through visions and through Time ~ from Jerusalem to Cathar country, following Mary Magdelene on a quest of personal discovery.