Our Philosophy - Travel Beyond the Ordinary

Travel beyond the ordinary!  Luxurious Adventures in sacred France with historian Henry Lincoln and cultural expert Allysha Lavino.  Our sacred and historical tours let you explore French culture, and travel beyond traditional tourism into a world of mystery and magic.

Our Philosophy

Enter the mystery ... Step into Adventure ...

Enter the mystery ... Step into Adventure ...


Leave off the tourist trappings ...

Pack an open mind and a ready spirit ...


a mystery Adventure is not like any other tour



Caen, France - William the Conquerer's Castle.jpg


For our ancestors, The universe was a great mystery. 

Allowing ourselves to truly Adventure means giving up a level of control ~ stepping into the unknown to explore. 

Puivert, France - Troubadour Château Finial 3.jpg


As Adventurers, we read the history written before our eyes ~ in stone and shape, in landscape and art. 

We don't just believe what we're told ...  we learn to see for ourselves. 

Rennes, France - Boulangerie Hoche.jpg


Exploring different ways of life opens the mind, expands the spirit, and brings new understanding.

new foods, friends & fun ~ we embrace experiences that open our eyes to a wider world.   

Lunel, France - Rue des Aventures 1.jpg


The Spirit of Adventure carries us beyond the ordinary.

Stepping outside daily life, we encounter a brave new self waiting for the space to emerge.