A Quest through the Ages

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…On Mystery’s Doorstep

Across Time’s drawbridge once again, to the mystical Pays d’Oc ~ an Adventure in old Southwest France ~ the land of Mary Magdalene and The Da Vinci Code mysteries, Knights Templar, Sacred Geometry, epic landscapes, and indescribable magic.  We will begin with the stories of Saunière at Rennes-le-Château, made famous by The Da Vinci Code… where a windy tower is brought to life by a great storyteller who illuminates the path before us.  Following legends and older paths, we travel through Cathare country, where the only crusade upon “fellow” Christians took place.  No one knows anymore the true beliefs of Cathares, as historical records tell us they went as willingly to the flames as Jesus to the cross, but we hear tell of “The Way of Love” they were said to have followed.

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Across the countryside, we will be visiting sacred Earth sites ~ for years this deep source of Feminine power has been kept secret.  These strange scenes are set throughout the land and represent Mysteries unto themselves.  Each has her own story, nearly always wrought with magic and miracles… some of which we may hope to discover for ourselves.

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Traveling like pilgrims, simple wayfarer’s of old, we will stay in the lands of the Knights Templar ~ an order said to have guarded “ancient secrets and treasures.”  As we journey, it is not just the unfolding story of one place or person that becomes important, but the persistent march of Time that enfolds us all, and the endless desire to find our place in the pattern.  What might we uncover when we begin to question?

What is the Divine Feminine?


Why do we speak of Mary Magdalene?

What can we learn from the geometries of the land, undeniably present and older than we can imagine?

While these ideas can challenge the very core of what we have been taught, it is time to free the Feminine from a history that did not give her a pen.  Rather than seeking answers, what happens if we ask these simple questions, seeking with an open heart whatever wisdom and knowledge comes to us?  ... Bravely asking, “What is that?“ instead of simply accepting the stories we have been told.


We follow the landscapes and the secrets rendered in stone by our ancestors.  We step through time to see with their eyes ~ to notice at last, the simple, hidden patterns revered by the ancient Celts and so many others who have lived here.  This land has been dedicated to the goddess and feminine worship for as long as recorded history remembers and more.  The secrets here have been kept by Templars and small parish priests for ages… and yet…

It is for each of us to discover the wonder of these tales for ourselves!

There is something… more… that cannot be put to a page.

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If we are quiet inside, and bold enough to explore, perhaps we can hear the whispers of those who came before.

To Adventure into the unknown is a bold undertaking!


You never know what you might find…

Why vacation… when you could Adventure?!

Are you called to the Adventure of a lifetime?