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Reserve your tour to sacred France.  Travel with historian Henry Lincoln and cultural expert Allysha Lavino.  Discover the real DaVinci Code, find Mary Magdalene in the South of France, visit commanderies of the Knights Templar, explore sacred geometry, learn about the Cathar heresy, step into history and French culture ...  Are you called to the Adventure of a lifetime?! 

Ancient Mysteries: A Quest

Rennes-le-Château, France -Porte de Rennes Bicycle.jpg
Rennes-le-Château, France -Porte de Rennes Bicycle.jpg

Ancient Mysteries: A Quest

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A decadent, relaxing, and fun-filled historical exploration of the mysteries of the Languedoc in the South of France.  Join experts Allysha Sujati Lavino and Henry Lincoln on the gastronomical, cultural, and exploratory Adventure of a lifetime!


Includes $700 non-refundable deposit - may be applied to future Adventures.

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Visit Southwest France with the splendor of rich history and tradition. Delve deeply into the secrets of the Templars, the mystery of Rennes-le-Château, Mary Magdalene's legacy, Celtic sacred sites, and much much more...

Price Includes:

10 days / 9 nights of exploration, history, mystery, and magic.

8 nights of single rooms at a lovely B&B, 1 night double room in gorgeous Carcassonne (single room available with supplement).

Decadent meals - gourmet breakfast and dinner provided daily, picnic lunches, local snacks, and a gastronomical feast for our farewell dinner!

All on-the-ground transportation and tour fees to sacred sites, castles, and more.

In-depth information and the opportunity for personal exploration of the sacred sites and mysteries of the region.

Learning to bring a discerning eye to history and to question and uncover discrepancies for yourself.

Exclusive access to mystery master and famed historian HENRY LINCOLN with inside knowledge not found anywhere else!

Your opportunity to step outside the ordinary ...

Why simply vacation ... when you can Adventure?!