Henry Lincoln Tours

Henry Lincoln has been working and researching the mysteries of the real "Da Vinci Code" for the past forty years.  He has made some shocking discoveries and is available to answer all your questions on our Tours in the South of France.  Visit Rennes-le-Château, learn to read secret codes for yourself, and discover the geometry that patterns this sacred land.

For 40 years, Henry Lincoln has been researching secret codes.  

But what you've read is only the beginning.


Learn the truth ~ a secret so important it was hidden in code.


In the South of France lies a great mystery.  

Ancient Mysteries: A Quest

Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend a week with Henry Lincoln, BBC documentary filmmaker and co-author of Holy Blood, Holy Grail.

  Our tour is your chance to:

  • Experience the truth about the mystery.

  • Ask your questions.

  • Meet the man who inspired a generation.

  • Discover secret codes for yourself.

  • Find out what's real and what's only fiction.

  • Adventure in secret France.

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