About Us

Sacred Mystery Tours is a small tour company proud to present unique sacred, historical, and cultural travel experiences. Cultural expert Allysha Lavino and historian Henry Lincoln lead small group tours in the South of France.  Travel to Carcassonne, Rennes-le-Château, and Cathar castles, and discover the treasure of Rennes-le-Château, Mary Magdalene in the South of France, the secrets of the Knights Templar, secret codes in churches, sacred geometry in the landscape, and more.

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Sacred Mystery Tours

A boutique tour company founded by serious travel enthusiasts. We recognize the difference between tourism and travel and strive to make real adventure possible for everyone. Cultural immersion, historical insight, personal discovery, and local experience combine to form uniquely magical tours. We are passionate about seeking the extraordinary and strive to share little-known sites that won't be found on an ordinary tour. We are committed to the best, authentic travel experiences available.

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Allysha Sujati Lavino

Avid traveller and storyteller, Allysha Lavino was born in California to a long line of adventurers, where her family encouraged her passion for history, culture, language, and spirituality. After her own adventures living abroad in France, she founded Sacred Mystery Tours with the dream of sharing deep travel with others. For the past five years, she has been working closely with Henry Lincoln, learning firsthand the stories of his discoveries. Her upcoming debut novel, The Heretic, is based on her work with Lincoln, using his in-depth research to tell the epic story of Rennes-le-Château in a whole new way. For the latest updates and information on Allysha Lavino's work, visit www.AllyshaLavino.com.

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Henry Lincoln

Co-author of 1982 best-seller Holy Blood, Holy Grail, Lincoln is the world's foremost expert on the region of France surrounding Rennes-le-Château. As a writer, film-maker and historian, he specializes in knowledge of ancient myths and mysteries, codes and patterns, and has a passion for areas where the given history does not align with the evidence available. He lives near Rennes-le-Château with his family, where he works to share his incredible discoveries with the world.

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Mark Atos

Experienced traveller a skilled problem-solver Mark Atos is an engineer by trade but moonlights as a professional driver, auto technician, mechanic, brew-master, coffee roaster, and builder. Our chauffeur extraordinaire, he handles tour logistics during the adventure. When he's not leading groups around the world or walking El Camino de Santiago, he works full-time travelling across Canada as an IT Security Inspector for the federal government.